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Welcome to Verdadera Destreza Ottawa, where we study the Spanish Christian swordfighting style ("la verdadera Destreza") used in Spain during the renaissance and early modern period, as well as Spanish Christian military history.



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LIBRARY - unless marked with an [ENG] before the title, all books listed are in Spanish and have been shamelessly stolen collected from all corners of the internet.

[ENG] A letter to the King - Carranza 15XX
Carta al Rey - Carranza 15XX (version A)
Carta al Rey - Carranza 15XX (version B)
NOTE: This is a letter from Geronimo de Carranza to King Phillip II expressing his views on what constitutes insults/affronts and when it is appropriate to resort to arms over verbal engagements. It has almost nothing to do with swordfights and is added here for completion's sake. The first pdf is my English translation, the second (version A) is a hand-written copy from the 1800s and the third (version B) is another hand-written copy with no date and several missing sentences, but has easier-to-read hand-writing than version A.

Filosofia de las armas - Carranza 1582

Grandezas de la espada - Pacheco 1599

Compedio de la Filosofia - Pacheco/Carranza 1612

Modo Facil y Nuevo para Examinarse - Pacheco 1625

Nueva Ciencia (scriptus) - Pacheco 1625

Nueva Ciencia (printus) - Pacheco 1625/1672

Engaño y desengaño - Pacheco 1635

Avisos importantes - Carmona 1639/1899

Metodo de Ensenanza - Diaz 1639

Desengaño de la espada - Cala 1642

Advertencias para la Enseñanza - Pacheco 1642

Resumen de la verdadera Destreza - Arias 1667

Aforismos de la Destreza - Garay/Pacheco 1672

Compendio de los fundamentos - Ettenhard 1675

Libro intitulado defensa - Vicente 16XX

Cornucopia Numerosa - Lara 1675

Destreza de las armas - Sicilia 1678

Comprension de Destreza - Vega 1681

Resumen de la verdadera Destreza - Antonio 1688

Cartilla y Luz - Tamariz 1696

Nobleza de la Espada - Rada 1705

Defensa de la Verdadera Destreza - Rada 1711

Repuesta a Rada - Rada 1712